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What We Deliver through Coaching

Sue and Hugh Sheldon
the learning continuum

We grow people, teams, and organizations utilizing the appropriate mix of life coaching, executive coaching, team coaching, and large group or organizational coaching.

We are trained in a variety of coaching disciplines including traditional coaching models as well as emerging methods such as systems coaching and relationship coaching. We all deal with systems of one kind or another on every level of our lives…personal, at home, at work, at play…merging all of these coaching tools gets results that matter within all of the systems.

Our Approach to Coaching

Since coaching is fundamentally about change and creating results we use a strengths and values based approach. We believe that people are creative and resourceful and don’t need to be fixed and that values drive decisions.

Our coaching creates results in 3 main areas…




  • achieving your personal and professional goals
  • leadership and all its facets
  • better relationships at work and at home
  • learning how to respond to feedback
  • learning the leadership skills for a new role in the organization
  • acquiring the ability to improve communication
  • creating your life-long learning plan
  • learning what best serves you and others
  • getting clear on what motivates you in order to create the life you want
  • understanding from where your satisfaction originates
  • engaging in life in a powerful way

Coaching gets Sustainable Results

Because the coaching agenda, choices, actions, and accountability belongs to the client, commitment is stronger and results more sustainable. Coaching adds a “stickiness” factor to learning and skills development making both more productive over the long term.