...building strong relationships

Spend the day with us building strength in all of your relationships!

Think of  someone with whom you currently have a great relationship at work or at home...

  • what makes it work?

  • what are the strengths of the relationship

  • what's the impact on you?

  • what thoughts come to mind about the relationship?

Now think of someone where the relationship is challenging; maybe someone at work, in your community or someone in your family.

  • what stops it from working?

  • what do you notice about the relationship?

  • what thoughts come to mind about this relationship?

  • how can you apply the strengths from your strong relationships to the challenging ones?

How are your work teams working?

  • improve team dynamics and communications

  • keep projects running smoothly

  • better decision making

Do these ever show up in your relationships?

Attacking the person rather than the behavior
 Refusing to own your own behavior
Sarcasm, belitting, cynicism, name calling, hostile humor
Cutting off communication, silent treatment, refusal to engage, withdrawal

We'll also explore the 3 A’s of Relationship


  • of your own strengths

  • how you show up in relationship

  • responsibility and accountability


  • for how others operate

  • their strengths

  • how to celebrate the differences


  • to the operating styles of others

  • in understanding hot buttons and how to press the easy button instead

  • walk a mile in someone else’s shoes


To Register:


$249 (plus HST) per person, $199 (plus HST) for each additional participant from the same organization, lunch and refreshments provided.


Please note registration is limited to 18 participants for this highly interactive day!


Register by return email to joy@playfordperformancegroup.com


Please include the names of participants and any billing instructions.


The Playford Performance Group Inc.
2975 Lakeview Cove Road
Kelowna BC V1Z 4A1

For further information please call Joy or Marty at
250 769-5775.


here's what people are saying about the impact of this relationship building seminar...

"communication is so much better"

"criticism has significantly decreased"

"we are taking responsibility for our own behaviors"

“It provided a system that I can incorporate into all my important relationships.”

"we can use this day to day"


Friday March 2, 2012


The Cove Lakeside Resort
Library Room
4205 Gellatley Road
West Kelowna

The Interactive Agenda for the Day

8:30 registration

9 to 12:30 morning session

12:30 to 1 lunch

1 to 4:30 afternoon session

breaks in the AM and PM