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Relationship Positioning System Workshop – A Success!!

The latest workshop offering…The Relationship Positioning System Workshop was an unqualified success according to feedback from the participants. The mix of recognized relationship tools with new relationship technologies was a major factor in the day’s appeal for participants. The interactive agenda, filled with learning and awareness exercises, contributed to the excitement during the day and resulted in very enthusiastic participation. The workshop looked first at expanding our Awareness of Self from a strengths based perspective using a simple exercise to re-introduce participants to who they are when they are operating at their best. We designed a coaching alliance for how we wanted to be together during the day and established some basic ground rules for working together. We then looked at Awareness of Relationship from your existing “relationship mindset” to how to increase positivity in relationship. Thanks to the Center for Right Relationship for two outstanding relationship tools…The Meta Skills Wheel and The Original Myth.

We spent some very useful time looking at values and how they affect all of our interactions. Following the workshop it was obvious that participants wanted more work with values as the exercise we used was noted as extremely impactful.

We also explored Awareness of Others in the afternoon using another great CRR tool…Lands Work. Participants chose an issue and each then had an opportunity to explain what it’s like from their own perspective. They then got to spend some time in the other persons shoes and experience what it’s like from that side as well…revealing to say the least according to the participants.

A powerful completion exercise then closed the day and solidified for all us the learning that had transpired.

Here’s what some participants had to say…

“I really enjoyed spending the day with you and Hugh at your relationships workshop — thought you did a great job, and what a lovely group of individuals/couples you attracted. This is really worthwhile work that you are doing and I hope your practice in this area flourishes. For my own part I particularly enjoyed seeing how  you had woven familiar and new tools together into something that really works. I would have no hesitation in referring to you couples who are at a turning point in life.”

“I liked the role playing you both did to demonstrate …the learning points…and putting yourselves out their with the Lands work.”

” I am taking away better listening skills and the ability to compromise to find a middle ground.”

“great tools and reminders to consider when dealing with issues in any type of relationship”

“It provided a system that I can incorporate into all my important relationships.”

For those of you that like stats here’s some…’

Overall workshop ranking out of 5 was 4.4.

Individual rankings were…

Workshop Content Overall                   4.3

Usefulness of Information                    4.2

Easy to Understand                                 4.3

Exercises                                                     4.7

Facilities                                                      4.2

Thanks to all who attended from both of us…you really made the day!!

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