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Relationship Positioning System (RPS) Workshop

…your GPS for relationships…

We held another successful RPS workshop on September 25, 2010. First, from us to all of the participants,  a very big thank you; thank you for your commitment to sharing your own experiences, thank you for trusting in the process…your presence is what made the day successful!

To Grace and David, owners of the E-Spot in Oakville, our venue for the day; thanks for your attention to detail and for looking after us. The location drew rave reviews.

More to come on specific outcomes and how everyone felt about the program but meantime, one item from the day keeps finding its way into our consciousness…the difference between expectations and intentions. While we explore this question in all of our workshops, the conversation last Saturday seemed particularly rich. As a group, we were not trying to define the words; rather we talked about the impact each word had and how they showed up day to day in the world. Some feedback from the participants…

Expectations Intentions
Passive Active
Attached to outcomes Unattached to outcomes
Guilt/disappointment Satisfaction
Centered on outcomes/results Centered on process
Obligations/shoulds/have to’s Wants

 If the goal is to move from an existing state of being/performance/learning/fulfillment to a future desired state, in any of these contexts, then operating from intention rather than expectation provides a stronger likelihood of achieving that goal because…

Other perspectives become possible

With more perspectives come more choices

More choices mean more informed decisions and subsequent actions

Trust in self is enhanced and the outcome, change or result is more easily achieved.


Keep pressing the easy button…

Hugh and Sue

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