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2010 ICF Conference Fort Worth, Texas

We have been back from the conference for a couple of weeks and have had some time to reflect on the learning we took away as well as other aspects of the experience. So…we thought we would share some of these reflections with you. In no particular order here are the sessions that stick out in our minds…

but first…

Congratulations to…

Tine, Norway,  2010 Prism Award  Winner and  Adler Learning International Client

The Opening Super Session – The Annesci Quartet – a string quartet as a metaphor for team

The Art of Storytelling

Would It be Ok if coaching Got Easier?

The How What and Why of Happiness

The Art of Coaching Energetically

Discover the Power of Laughter

Global Conversations

Complexity, Science, People and Organizations – Roger Lewin and Birute Regine

Internationalisn Becomes the Norm – Peter Kerr

Transforming the Fragmented Community Through Deep Dialogue – Ashok Gangadean

Aging: Increased Life Span and How Long We Will Work – Helen Harkness and Judy Field

Listening Organizations and Chief Listening Officers – Jeff Hayzlett

click here for full reviews for each session

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