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Beliefs and Assumptions

Isn’t technology grand?

How beliefs and assumptions creep into our everyday lives.

I had a crazy technology event a couple of weeks ago. Ever had one of these? The difference I eventually noticed with this one, was that it was filled with assumptions and beliefs…good bad and otherwise.

On this particular Thursday AM I had 3 coaching calls scheduled followed by lunch with a colleague. The first call (corporate client) did not happen. I made up an excuse that because the call had been re-scheduled from the following day, when he had a conflict, which he probably just forgot. No biggie as I knew I was speaking with him the following week anyway. .

The second call, scheduled with a mentor client, went past the time – I checked my voice mail.  Maybe he too had a conflict and would leave a message but – no messages.

Then the time for the third call also came and went and by now my partner Hugh was asking me what I had done to annoy my clients! Well nothing of course I replied and headed out to lunch.

Well guess what? My lunch date was late so of course I checked my voice mail – no message. She is a responsible person but nothing there. However, two of my morning calls had left messages at the scheduled basically wanting to know where I was!

So you can imagine what beliefs and assumptions were creeping into my thoughts!

Very puzzled, I saved the messages, determined to call, apologize and reschedule. Meantime, my lunch date showed, we had an amazing catch up and I left to go back to the office for a 2 hour meeting.

At the end of that meeting, my next client at 4 PM did not call. That was it! I checked voice mail – no message and all of the other messages I had saved had mysteriously disappeared.

So this time I simply called the client, clearly unaware that I was having technology issues. When speaking with this client he indicated that he had left a message and it has also disappeared.

So I sent emails to the other 3 clients, apologized and we rescheduled – no problem.

Fast forward 8 days later, I am returning from a meeting outside my office and decide to check my messages. Behold, I have 4 new messages and you guessed it all from those 4 clients who had left messages 8 days earlier.

Now determined to get to the bottom of this little mystery, I called our phone provider and the explanation was less than satisfactory. It sounded like the messages had been lost in cyberspace for 8 days! BTW we had changed phone companies on the very day the messages were missed! I was finally starting to get a clue.

The moral of the story – make no assumptions about clients or the reliability of technology. In the words of a fine old philosopher – CHECK IT OUT!

Beliefs and assumptions are powerful things. What assumptions and beliefs are finding their way into your conversations?

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