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Complete The Old-Create The New

Happy New Year !

As we move into 2011 we want to share with all of you an exercise we recommend to our clients. The exercise is called Complete The Old, Create The New. It’s an opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments from 2010 and get complete with those things that may have fallen short of our intentions.

The second part of the exercise allows a look ahead to 2011 and what we what to achieve in the coming year. By imagining or seeing our intentions as being complete at the end of the year they become real and infinitely more possible.

So find a quiet spot, have some fun with the questions and enjoy the opportunity to design your own desired future.

We will be right along with you as we do our own reflections on 2010 and look at our goals for 2011.

Sue and Hugh

Complete the Old ————— Create the New

Step One
A) wins, successes and breakthroughs in the past year
B) losses, disappointments and breakdowns in the past year
C) reflect on what it means to be complete with each item. Incompleteness holds us back from taking on the next exciting opportunity.

Step Two
Looking over the past year, what are the 5-7 lessons you have learned?

Step 3
Imagine one year ahead, and write a list of all the wins, successes and breakthroughs for the coming year. This is about what you want the year to be and what you are creating.

Step 4
Name the year to reflect your journey – e.g. Year of the Galactic Explorer.

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