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Coaching, Self Care and Choice

There was a great insight this week during a coaching interaction about how we are choiceful human beings and how important it is to be aware of our choices.

The client ( a coach as well) in question was feeling “stuck” around an issue where she really wanted to make a different choice and get out of that seemingly endless loop she was experiencing.  It was funny how this sense of “being stuck” was showing up in the life of one of her own clients as a perfect mirror for her about self care.

Self care and in some cases extreme self care is critically important. The analogy for us is always reflected in the demonstration at the beginning of an airplane flight. You know the one…the importance of applying the oxygen mask to yourself before trying to be of assistance to anyone else.

How is it then, that when faced with a similar choice we fail to remember our name must be put at the top of the care list? When it comes to taking the kids to hockey practice, to music lessons, getting groceries or any other of the endless tasks on our list, we experience temporary amnesia about who comes first. And we are not talking about being frivolous about our wants.

We are talking about remembering that our lives count and at the end of the day if we are running on empty (gas or oxygen) we can unconsciously begin to resent all the other choices we made that left us feeling so depleted and leaving us at less than our best.

So the next time someone asks, “How did you take care of yourself today?” what will you answer?

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