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Tapping into Capabilities

In a recent conversation with a client an awareness was experienced that had me realize this may be important. See what you think!

The client, reflecting on relationships at work, mostly from the perspective of what had changed, asked himself these questions…how was I going to manage people, how was I in relationship with people, who on the team were actually trying to sabotage our efforts, how was I failing?

During the conversation, with encouragement, the client mused on strengths, purpose and most importantly values.

The results were enlightening.

Some of you may recognize the Awareness of Self triangle…see below.

The focus on reconnecting with or remembering strengths, purpose and values reminded the client of not only who he was but who he wanted to be and what was important in his life.

By getting a handle on these big picture pieces he was able to tap into his capabilities in a much larger way. Here’s one example.

He rediscovered his value around family that he had been ignoring or setting aside in the illusory quest to “get ahead”. Just reconnecting with this value changed his entire mindset and the resulting impact was spending more time on weekends at home with those that were most important to him…getting more balanced in his approach to life and work.

And here’s an interesting side benefit. His mindset around work suddenly changed as well. He went from the judger approach of “what’s wrong around here and who’s at fault” to “what’s right around here and how can we make it better”.  By being in a place where he could tap into his capabilities he was able to get creative, remember he had lots of skills in leading people and was able to deal  with all of the issues on the team in a direct and sensitive way. In the absence of purpose, strengths and values he could not see beyond the problems. When that happens we start to make things up…and they usually bear no relationship to reality!

The takeaway…create a structure that helps you remember who you are!

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