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Conversation Advantage™

Last month I attended an amazing workshop on how to have conversations that reflect the changing universe at work.

Based on the work of Melinda Sinclair and Dorothy Greenaway, two outstanding experienced coaches:

“We are in the midst of a big shift in the world of work: a shift away from old style command and control towards a new, more collaborative way of working: the C Shift.”

And…”Collaboration is at the core of how work gets done.”

 The programs are the result of their extensive work on conversations that can be reviewed in their recently published book, The Leadership Coach’s Advantage. This is one of the best, most effective, straightforward, easy to read and use how to’s I have come across on any subject, underscoring  just how powerful it is for leadership coaching.

The book is available on Amazon, click here to review and purchase.

But more on the program. The C shift is moving from our old ways of leadership:

Command, control, comply, correct, coerce, conform to…

Connect, co-create, contribute, common good, communicate, collaborate

“Effective conversation is essential for good collaboration. Without high levels of Conversation Intelligence™, it’s simply not possible to have the kind of collaboration needed to succeed in today’s workplace. “ Embedding the new C’s into our own coaching conversations moves us toward Conversation Intelligence™.

Here’s what you and your staff and employees (yes the program is pertinent to everyone) will take away from the program:

  • A conversation model that will change the way you do conversation
  • A practical toolbox to help you raise your conversation game
  • An engaging and interactive experience that fosters learning and application
  • A heightened awareness of where your conversation skills hit the mark and miss the mark
  • Skills and practices guaranteed to raise your Conversation IntelligenceTM

The Conversation Advantage™ program engages participants in a learning experience that helps enhance Conversation Intelligence by fostering shifts on multiple levels:


Explore what shifts in intention you can make to strengthen your conversation effectiveness.


Learn how to direct attention in conversation for better focus and results.


Discover what the optimal mindset is for effective connections and conversations.


Gain concrete, practical ideas for behaviour shifts you can make to get better conversation outcomes.

Skills and Tools:

Practice new skills and learn how to optimize their use through attention tools that can guide your approach.

So what does all this mean for you and your business?

  •  Shared understanding
  • Greater trust
  • Effective collaboration
  • Better alignment
  • Stronger relationships
  • Smarter decisions
  • Better results


For me, I was struck by a couple of things.

  • The way Melinda and Dorothy elegantly made the topic, exercises and learning practical, down to earth, immediately applicable and fun.
  • The way in which I was able to shift my conversation to the new C’s.
  • The enormous help the book has been in continued practice and learning.
  • The integration of what I already know with the new.
  • The power of paying attention to what is drawing your attention.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Go to http://peopledynamicslearning.com/ and check it out for yourself. Try out a program. Buy the book.

We are offering this state of the art program everywhere the Conversation Advantage™ program makes sense which means pretty much everywhere.  Stay tuned.

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