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    Conversation Advantage™

    Last month I attended an amazing workshop on how to have conversations that reflect the changing universe at work. Based on the work of Melinda Sinclair and Dorothy Greenaway, two outstanding experienced coaches: “We are in the midst of a big shift in the world of work: a shift away from old style command and […]

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    Tapping into Capabilities

    In a recent conversation with a client an awareness was experienced that had me realize this may be important. See what you think! The client, reflecting on relationships at work, mostly from the perspective of what had changed, asked himself these questions…how was I going to manage people, how was I in relationship with people, […]

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At least I have my legs…a story about mindset

Have you ever had one of those days that starts out with one thing after another going sideways and you haven’t even had breakfast? Well I had one of those starts to my day recently. I was surely feeling quite annoyed and sorry for myself all at the same time. Yet the day had a […]

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Coaching, Self Care and Choice

There was a great insight this week during a coaching interaction about how we are choiceful human beings and how important it is to be aware of our choices. The client ( a coach as well) in question was feeling “stuck” around an issue where she really wanted to make a different choice and get […]

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Complete The Old-Create The New

December 29, 2010

Happy New Year ! As we move into 2011 we want to share with all of you an exercise we recommend to our clients. The exercise is called Complete The Old, Create The New. It’s an opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments from 2010 and get complete with those things that may have fallen short […]

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