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    Beliefs and Assumptions

    Isn’t technology grand? How beliefs and assumptions creep into our everyday lives. I had a crazy technology event a couple of weeks ago. Ever had one of these? The difference I eventually noticed with this one, was that it was filled with assumptions and beliefs…good bad and otherwise. On this particular Thursday AM I had […]

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    2010 ICF Conference Fort Worth, Texas

    We have been back from the conference for a couple of weeks and have had some time to reflect on the learning we took away as well as other aspects of the experience. So…we thought we would share some of these reflections with you. In no particular order here are the sessions that stick out […]

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Relationship Positioning System (RPS) Workshop

…your GPS for relationships… We held another successful RPS workshop on September 25, 2010. First, from us to all of the participants,  a very big thank you; thank you for your commitment to sharing your own experiences, thank you for trusting in the process…your presence is what made the day successful! To Grace and David, […]

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Relationship Positioning System

We are running the workshop again so save the date… Saturday September 25, 2010 at the fabulous e-spot in Oakville. More to follow. www.e-spot.ca and www.the learningcontinuum.biz call us 905-815-8469

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Teaching Coaching in Turkey

July 18, 2010

I’ve just spent a week in Turkey teaching Part 2 of the Adler Certificate Program to a group of teachers and administrators from the Issikent School located in Izmir Turkey, about an hour by air south of Istanbul. As I sit here waiting for my next flight connection (I’m going from Izmir to Istanbul to […]

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