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    Beliefs and Assumptions

    Isn’t technology grand?

    How beliefs and assumptions creep into our everyday lives.

    I had a crazy technology event a couple of weeks ago. Ever had one of these? The difference I eventually noticed with this one, was that it was filled with assumptions and beliefs…good bad and otherwise.

    On this particular Thursday AM I had 3 coaching calls scheduled followed by lunch with a colleague. The first call (corporate client) did not happen. I made up an excuse that because the call had been re-scheduled from the following day, when he had a conflict, which he probably just forgot. No biggie as I knew I was speaking with him the following week anyway. .

    The second call, scheduled with a mentor client, went past the time – I checked my voice mail.  Maybe he too had a conflict and would leave a message but – no messages.

    Then the time for the third call also came and went and by now my partner Hugh was asking me what I had done to annoy my clients! Well nothing of course I replied and headed out to lunch.

    Well guess what? My lunch date was late so of course I checked my voice mail – no message. She is a responsible person but nothing there. However, two of my morning calls had left messages at the scheduled basically wanting to know where I was!

    So you can imagine what beliefs and assumptions were creeping into my thoughts!

    Very puzzled, I saved the messages, determined to call, apologize and reschedule. Meantime, my lunch date showed, we had an amazing catch up and I left to go back to the office for a 2 hour meeting.

    At the end of that meeting, my next client at 4 PM did not call. That was it! I checked voice mail – no message and all of the other messages I had saved had mysteriously disappeared.

    So this time I simply called the client, clearly unaware that I was having technology issues. When speaking with this client he indicated that he had left a message and it has also disappeared.

    So I sent emails to the other 3 clients, apologized and we rescheduled – no problem.

    Fast forward 8 days later, I am returning from a meeting outside my office and decide to check my messages. Behold, I have 4 new messages and you guessed it all from those 4 clients who had left messages 8 days earlier.

    Now determined to get to the bottom of this little mystery, I called our phone provider and the explanation was less than satisfactory. It sounded like the messages had been lost in cyberspace for 8 days! BTW we had changed phone companies on the very day the messages were missed! I was finally starting to get a clue.

    The moral of the story – make no assumptions about clients or the reliability of technology. In the words of a fine old philosopher – CHECK IT OUT!

    Beliefs and assumptions are powerful things. What assumptions and beliefs are finding their way into your conversations?

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    2010 ICF Conference Fort Worth, Texas

    We have been back from the conference for a couple of weeks and have had some time to reflect on the learning we took away as well as other aspects of the experience. So…we thought we would share some of these reflections with you. In no particular order here are the sessions that stick out in our minds…

    but first…

    Congratulations to…

    Tine, Norway,  2010 Prism Award  Winner and  Adler Learning International Client

    The Opening Super Session – The Annesci Quartet – a string quartet as a metaphor for team

    The Art of Storytelling

    Would It be Ok if coaching Got Easier?

    The How What and Why of Happiness

    The Art of Coaching Energetically

    Discover the Power of Laughter

    Global Conversations

    Complexity, Science, People and Organizations – Roger Lewin and Birute Regine

    Internationalisn Becomes the Norm – Peter Kerr

    Transforming the Fragmented Community Through Deep Dialogue – Ashok Gangadean

    Aging: Increased Life Span and How Long We Will Work – Helen Harkness and Judy Field

    Listening Organizations and Chief Listening Officers – Jeff Hayzlett

    click here for full reviews for each session

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    Relationship Positioning System (RPS) Workshop

    …your GPS for relationships…

    We held another successful RPS workshop on September 25, 2010. First, from us to all of the participants,  a very big thank you; thank you for your commitment to sharing your own experiences, thank you for trusting in the process…your presence is what made the day successful!

    To Grace and David, owners of the E-Spot in Oakville, our venue for the day; thanks for your attention to detail and for looking after us. The location drew rave reviews.

    More to come on specific outcomes and how everyone felt about the program but meantime, one item from the day keeps finding its way into our consciousness…the difference between expectations and intentions. While we explore this question in all of our workshops, the conversation last Saturday seemed particularly rich. As a group, we were not trying to define the words; rather we talked about the impact each word had and how they showed up day to day in the world. Some feedback from the participants…

    Expectations Intentions
    Passive Active
    Attached to outcomes Unattached to outcomes
    Guilt/disappointment Satisfaction
    Centered on outcomes/results Centered on process
    Obligations/shoulds/have to’s Wants

     If the goal is to move from an existing state of being/performance/learning/fulfillment to a future desired state, in any of these contexts, then operating from intention rather than expectation provides a stronger likelihood of achieving that goal because…

    Other perspectives become possible

    With more perspectives come more choices

    More choices mean more informed decisions and subsequent actions

    Trust in self is enhanced and the outcome, change or result is more easily achieved.


    Keep pressing the easy button…

    Hugh and Sue

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    Relationship Positioning System

    We are running the workshop again so save the date

    Saturday September 25, 2010 at the fabulous e-spot in Oakville. More to follow.

    www.e-spot.ca and www.the learningcontinuum.biz

    call us 905-815-8469

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    Teaching Coaching in Turkey

    I’ve just spent a week in Turkey teaching Part 2 of the Adler Certificate Program to a group of teachers and administrators from the Issikent School located in Izmir Turkey, about an hour by air south of Istanbul.

    As I sit here waiting for my next flight connection (I’m going from Izmir to Istanbul to Frankurt to Toronto) and hoping that my luggage somehow miraculously makes the same connections, I’ve got some time to reflect on the past week.

    Ishmir is an idyllic seaside town of 5 million yet a world away from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul. People here are more relaxed, more polite and not in such a big hurry.

    Everyone here works on Turkish time (which I think I’m finally getting used to). Turkish time represents a fairly loose approach to schedules. If the course is scheduled to start at 9 AM for example, this could mean anywhere from 8:59 or so to 9:20 AM or thereabouts. Also a 5 PM finishing time might be 5:30 depending on what still needs to be said. I initially felt this loose approach to time was disrespectful but now understand that it is simply their culture and that they get every bit as much accomplished regardless.

    I had an amazing time co-leading Part 2 of the Adler Program with Vedat Erol which we delivered in English and Turkish, much to the delight of the students.

    Our decision to take the time to translate various aspects of the course on the fly turned out to be a very astute decision. The learning was significantly enhanced because they got to talk, discuss, converse and practise in their native tongue.

    Although it was after the end of the school year in Turkey, the teachers found the energy (they are usually now on holiday) to be active participants in this very tool intense program. We got great feedback and they are ready to move on to Part 3 of the course (enjoy Adria and Vedat).

    This program was particularly exciting because the teachers at Issikent school are pioneers – taking coaching into the school system and designing how they will use coaching skills with students parents and administrators. They are well aware of the challenges they face which were illuminated by the exercise…

    • what excites you about taking coaching into an education system
    • what concerns you about taking coaching into an education system

    They began to see themselves as a learning system and are eager to try their new skills.

    So to all you teachers out there who are reading this blog, I challenge you to think how you might be able to take coaching into your classrooms, your school or your administration (we also had administrators in the room). Just imagine the shift that will happen!

    PS: feel free to call me at 905-815-8469 to hear more.

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