What to expect in Executive Coaching

We use several coaching tools and techniques, as well as a variety of assessment tools, to tailor an executive coaching progra to meet your own growth needs and goals. The process is based on understanding your own core values and how they drive your decisions so you can create outstanding results.

Executive coaching is an ongoing partnership between the coach and client producing lasting results in the clients’ professional lives. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their awareness and learning in order to make choices that improve performance and get results. Executives utilize executive coaching for a variety of reasons...

Significant results from executive coaching

Executive coaching brings about significant results in the areas of performance, learning and fulfillment including other benefits such as…

The Process of Executive Coaching

In each executive coaching interaction, the executive and coach co-create the agenda for the conversation. The coach listens, contributes observations and additional perspectives and asks questions to open the client’s mindset. Executive coaching often includes the following steps but not necessarily in any particular order:

Executive coaching program

We recommend an executive coaching program typically covering a minimum of 10 hours over a 4-6 months. Experience has shown that at least 10 hours is required to see substantive change.

Coaching sessions

Coaching is normally done in half or full hour sessions, depending on your preference, and begins with a 2 hour discovery session where we get clarity around your goals, discover your core values, and agree on the ground rules that will guide future sessions.

We coach either face to face or over the phone and have found each to be equally effective. At the end of this 10 hour commitment we talk about what’s next for you in your business life.