What to Expect in Large Group or Organizational Coaching

We use large group exercises to look at the various systems in the organization, how they intersect and what change is needed for the organization at this time...culture, transformation, values, vision, processes, communication…all to make your business get the results they want.

We use the Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching© approach to bring impactful and effective processes and results into your teams and your organization.

We are all part of many complex systems - families, organizations, and communities - and this coaching process integrates all of the various parts into a results driven entity.

Each system is composed of many parts, yet the sum is greater than those parts. Each system is complex: yet also self-regulating. Relationship systems have a natural drive towards evolution and/or resolution. For this reason the relationship systems coach has only one job: to reveal the system to itself. By helping the system to see itself- its strengths, its obstacles, its potential - the coach can create the groundwork for the system to find its own answers and results.

The Process of Large Group or Organizational Coaching

The coaching process uses the 4 fundamentals of systems coaching as defined by the Center for Right Relationship©.

The Relationship System is the Client

In Relationship Systems Coaching there are two or more people involved who may have very different agendas. The relationship systems coach avoids confusion by being clear that the client is the relationship, rather than the individuals involved. We listen for the voice of the relationship. What does it need? What is trying to happen in the relationship?

The Relationship System is Naturally Creative, Resourceful and Whole

All relationships have an arc to their life span. Some teams may only come together for a few weeks, or a marriage might last a life time. The fact that a relationship system comes to an end is not a sign of failure. Even in breakdown the system has everything it needs to find "what's trying to happen." Coach the Whole Relationship System The relationship systems coach always keeps an eye on the whole relationship system, regardless of which member of the system initiated coaching. The coach is like a conductor who may cue in the violins one moment or work with the oboes next, but always holds the context of the entire orchestra. One of the challenges of being a relationship systems coach is to determine what are the parameters of the system? Who needs to be included in the coaching to accurately represent the system?

A Two-Part Designed Alliance in Service of a Conscious, Intentional Relationship

A relationship by definition is an alliance, however poorly functioning. The relationship systems coach works to design both the partnership alliance (between the members of the system) and the coaching alliance, to ensure the alliance is as conscious and intentional as possible. To be conscious is to be aware. To be intentional is to be at choice.

©The Center for Right Relationship, portions of text excerpted from their material.