What to Expect in Team Coaching

Team coaching focuses on coaching the team as a separate and distinct system or entity. Team results, based on the team’s defined criteria…better communication, better decisions, project completion…remain the focus and therefore drive the process design and execution.

Imagine what it would be like to be part of team that inspires you to perform at your peak!

Teams are formed to get results. High performing teams effectively initiate, investigate, decide, plan and execute (©Teamworx Human Capital Consulting). Team coaching makes all teams better in all 5 of these areas as outlined below.

The goal of team coaching is to help a group of people with a common purpose identify and meet goals and simultaneously enjoy the journey. The role of the coach is to collaborate with the team to clarify desired outcomes develop plans of action and overcome barriers.

The team is seen to be naturally creative and resourceful and therefore capable of finding their own right answers, creating plans and putting them into action. The bottom line is the team does the work and the coach is the collaborative partner in creating breakthroughs.

The team coaching relationship is built on trust which makes this collaboration possible. The coach remains focused on the vision and unattached to the process for attaining the outcomes.

The Process of Team Coaching

We coach the team as a system or entity unto itself. The team can be newly formed, already in existence or coming together for a specific project.

We use tools like MBTI© and other strength and preference indicators to establish team members profiles. We then can construct a team profile which points to team strengths and areas that may be hindering performance.

Based on the team profile, we facilitate a Team Effectiveness Workshop (©Teamworx Human Capital Consulting) to highlight growth possibilities, action steps and accountabilities.

The workshop makes team members aware of their impact on others and the team as a whole and how their strengths can benefit the team.

Team members learn to appreciate that others have different operating styles and strengths that will impact the team and how to manage the differences. Team members also learn when to adapt to other operating styles so the team can be even more effective. We guide the team to action through a process of developing actionable and realistic steps to achieve the goals and outcomes. We co-create a process of accountability that works for the entire team and its members.

We then use Team Coaching to lock in the actions and accountabilities the team has determined are important to achieve the goals set during the workshop. Team Coaching usually lasts at least 6 months after the workshop to ensure sustainable results but the actual duration of the team coaching process depends on the complexity of the design required and the level of intervention requested. We also coach individual team members as required.