About Us


About TLC

  We are a coaching firm. We use coaching in all of our client interactions to create sustainable results because the research is clear around the impact of coaching on all learning and development activities.


Mission and Vision


Our Mission

We partner and collaborate to…

  • create learning cultures
  • get results
  • become fully engaged in life and work and the world at large
  • positively impact the capacity of individuals and organizations
  • define products and services based on the clients’ needs
  • be accountable for creating powerful relationships

Our Vision

To enrich the world by playing a leadership role in the growth of human potential and ultimately humanizing the workplace…


The Business


Sue Sheldon founded the learning continuum  in 1991 and t has partnered with a variety of clients using many different systems and processes to get performance and results.

Sue brings a wealth of experience from a variety of backgrounds, including professional coaching, to the task of growing good people and executives. Our coaching clients come from all over the world, including England, Scandinavia, France, Turkey, China, Taiwan and the US and Canada, and from every background imaginable.

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